Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots - Tea Party Patriots
Civic & Citizen Involvement Coalition 

Advocate for Five Strengths of Freedom 

      Traditional Biological Family
      Biblical Faith
      Free Market Economy
      Moral Culture
      Republic Government

citizen's group, Civic & Citizen Involvement Coalition (CCIC) stands with people of faith and civic-minded individuals and others whose aim is to join together in active support of life, liberty and property and the learn the reality in the rediscovery of self-governance in Pennsylvania.

CCIC's aim is to assist Pennsylvanians in civic and citizen involvement through relationship-building and in the rediscovery of self-governance, to become mutually pledged, and to embrace relevant actions that actively support and  encourage a stronger America - its values, traditions and principles - and a Constitutional Republic form of government.

Overview of community-based themes of interest 
               to people of faith & civic-minded citizens

Faith Beyond the Church Door
Self-Governance Rediscovered

CCIC is open to all Pennsylvanians who want to learn what works 
and show personal responsibility by being actively involved
 in the How-To exercise of civic authority. 

Bi-Monthly Conference Call Tuesday Evening at 7 PM
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Keep the Republic Team - PA

Foundation of Applied Conservative Leadership

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