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Self-Governance Rediscovered Level 1 – Level 5

2015 - 2016 Teaching Series Event

Please visit Center for Self Governance  

The Self-Governance Rediscovered teaching series event, beginning September 19th with Level 1 - Foundations in Self-Governance was held as scheduled with nine attendees from four Southeast PA counties.  On November 14th, Self-Governance Rediscovered 2015 continues with Level 2 - Macro Understanding of Governance

Self-Governance Rediscovered series continues - at approximately eight-week intervals - with the subsequent instructional level classes to complete this teaching series event ending Saturday, May 14, 2016.

citizen's group, Civic & Citizen Involvement Coalition(CCIC) stands with people of faith and civic-minded individuals and others whose aim is to join together in active support of life, liberty and property and the learn the reality in the rediscovery of self-governance in Pennsylvania.
CCIC actively supports FFC-PA  and CSG.

Faith & Freedom Coalition - Pennsylvania (FFC-PA)  

Go to Pennsylvania Chapter of the Faith & Freedom Coalition.  Faith and Freedom is a non-profit organization committed to educating, empowering, and engaging people of faith, and like-minded individuals, to be effective citizens in the face of the secular onslaught inside and outside today's public arena. 

Our mission is to prepare & equip fellow Pennsylvanians of faith
to become more effective citizens and leaders for the renewal of our 
cultural foundations that were established upon Judeo-Christian values.


Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Thoughts turn into  words
Your words regulate your actions
Actions develop habits
Your habits become your values
Values rule destiny


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U S Congress Legislative Update   TEA PARTY PATRIOTS

Please join us for our legislative updates on Mondays at EST when Congress is in session.  Tea Party Patriots will give you the information you need to know about what is happening in Congress and what actions you should take for the coming week. 

To Join  -  Register for the free webinar here:


CHRISTIAN MISSION:  Serve God of the Ten Commandments - Defend Liberty

       posted on YouTube                             Defeating the West via the Womb

      posted on The Heritage Foundation      2015 Federal Budget In Pictures       


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Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots
                               Personal Freedom    
                  Economic Freedom   

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For Immediate Release
Commonwealth Foundation
Contact: Cindy Hamill
(856) 607-4208

‘Transparency’ Governor Negotiates $3.4 Billion* Contracts
with Campaign Funders in Secret

Budget Secretary Evades Questions on Negotiations, Keeping Taxpayers in the Dark

March 17, 2015, HARRISBURG, Pa.—Imagine you’re looking for a new home. If your real estate agent picked a house, made an offer for an amount you couldn’t afford, and handed you a contract signed in your name before you even took a tour, you’d probably call a lawyer. What if you then discovered that your agent was close friends with the seller and stood to profit as the result of the sale?

That’s the situation taxpayers face as their agent, Gov. Wolf, negotiates government union nearly $3.4 billion behind closed doors. Worse, those same unions some of his largest campaign donors. This, after the criticized “back room deals that erode the public’s trust.”  Read More


posted on Commonwealth Foundation


America's Crumbling Infra-Structure:  Where Did Our Federal and State 
Tax Dollars Go, Anyway?  

posted on YouTube

    The Crumbling of America  Full Documentary




Countdown to Crisis - National Debt

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